Mr. Vimal Tolia, HolidaysDear Sir,

We wish you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year on behalf of all our distributors, with whom we traveled, by booking through your company.

Was just going through the records of when we started business with you:

Just having pleasure to share the sweet memories we had while holidaying through all  these years, for which all bookings form tickets to visa to hotel accommodation to food were superbly organised by your company.

All our distributors decided one fine day to travel for a Holiday together, and being a big group, we were not sure how it would work, but from day one you have managed all our programs excellently, and we would like to appreciate this as this is the thought process of our whole group, whom you know individually with their family members too as they have traveled to so many destination with their families through you.

Just recollecting and sharing with you:

This letter is on behalf of our whole group of 93 people who love your services and this is a token of respect to you and your company. We really enjoyed in each trip, your management was more than any other company would have ever offered even by paying more. You served us with a big heart, and a broad smile.