Social Group custom-design with Indian Chef Social Group custom-design with Indian Chef, Mr. Dhiren Bhuta

We thank you for the wonderful trip to Scandinavia and Russia. Our trip to Scandinavia and Russia was truly breath taking. The minute details in selecting the right place to visit in each country is commendable. We also appreciate your keen eye in travelling from Russia to Scandinavia via train, it was, one of the most spectacular two hour ride. The overnight cruise too was very well thought of. The purpose of our scenery was put to utmost use then. Visiting different townships and travelling through the myriad of vivid landscapes via top class coaches assured us of the best services you have availed to us. To top it, even our 4 star hotel rooms had stunning views. Providing us with daily meals cooked freshly by your Indian Cook further certifies your expertise in carrying out family group tours with utmost ease in Northern Europe.


All in all, it was a great fun trip. Everything was extremely well organised. Our tour guides and drivers too were knowledgeable, skilled and most pleasant. Our accommodations were always comfortable and some were downright opulent.


We, the members of KYC group cannot thank you enough for your well planned trip and are most appreciative of everything. We all really enjoyed  your services . Grisbi Tours provided us with perfect sampling of everything (food, accommodations, sightseeing and mode of travels). We look forward to travelling with you again.